CosmoPod and TabExposé on Mac OS 10.6

Quick update on 05/06/10:
Both CosmoPod 4.x and TabExpose 2.2 now run natively on Mac OS 10.6 and continue to run on 10.5 and 10.4.

Quick update on 02/09/09:
We have just released a beta of TabExposé for Snow Leopard users with 64-bit support. Get it here !

It works thanks to a background application called that will watch Safari launches and inject TabExpose code into it using a ScriptingAddition thingy, à la 1Password.
Moreover, Pumba will load any bundle located in ~/Library/Application Support/Pumba just like SIMBL used to do it in previous Mac OS X (we are actually reusing Mike Solomon code for that purpose).
Pumba is not perfect yet, but it's a start. You can download the source code for Pumba here and help us if you want.

We will start working on CosmoPod soon and hope we can bring you more exciting news in a few days.

Quick update on 31/08/09:
For those of you who want to run Safari in 64-bit mode on a regular basis and Safari in 32-bit mode from time to time to get stuff with CosmoPod, you can simply make a copy fo in your application folder (call it "Safari-32" for instance) and apply the 32-bit mode to the copy only (while leaving running in 64-bit mode). You can then drag "Safari-32" to your dock and even better, both versions (32 and 64-bit) can run at the same time.
Credits for this tip go to James Muir. Thanks !

Today is the day most of us will upgrade their Mac to the latest Mac OS X.
One reason you don't want to miss this upgrade is the 64-bit transition. 64-bit applications in Snow Leopard deliver faster performance at common operations and all applications comes 64-bit enabled out of the box (except iTunes, DVD player and FrontRow).

The good news is that CosmoPod 3.1 and TabExposé 2.1 both work on Snow Leopard.
The "not_so_good" news is that to make it work, you must run Safari in 32-bit mode.

To open Safari in 32-bit mode, select Safari in your Applications folder, right-click or press ⌘-I to show the "Get Info" window, and check the "Open in 32-bit mode" as show below: